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Aboriginal Art: Five Days Tour in Australia

Aboriginal Art: Five Days Tour in Australia

Aboriginal art tours get you to the source – Travel in luxury having a small private group via extraordinary creative landscapes.This exclusive tour of Australia is the ideal method to experience the best of Aboriginal culture, including private use of extraordinary rock art.

Australia’s original inhabitants occupy a distinctive place where a rich heritage of traditional knowledge, practice and belief underpin

aboriginal art

aboriginal art

an engaged contemporary society. For most people this is superficially presented through stereotypical images of the painted dancers, silhouetted noble hunters and laughing children, usually from northern Australia. Increasingly people wish to go beyond this veneer of mainstream travel to find a greater contact and understanding of what Australian Aboriginal culture is really about. Those looking to experience Aboriginal culture and meet the people usually see this a difficult and frustrating task. Aboriginal involvement in tourism is in its infancy and you will find only a small number of Aboriginal travel operations scattered throughout Australia. Handful of these are in mainstream tourism and the majority are specialised niche market offerings that usually find it difficult to connect to the interested traveller. At Diverse Travel Australia we demonstrate the path.

Aboriginal art tour in Australia

One of the world’s oldest living cultures delays to embrace you.

Surrender to the art, music, dance & storytelling of the Indigenous people. Aboriginal artworks look stunning on the walls, but there’s nothing that can compare with seeing a master creating in their native environment. A trip to the region’s Aboriginal Art Centres will expose you to the Territory’s many talented artists. Watch them mix their ochre colours, and speak with them about the messages contained in their work.


About this Aboriginal art tour in Australia, the two operators which are utilised in the experience are both accredited Eco Tourism Australia and accredited Tourism Business Australia. The Helicopter company continues to be awarded the Advanced Eco Accreditation status, and are the only helicopter provider in Australia with this particular status. To be granted Advanced Status implies that your company is one of Australia’s leading and state-of-the-art ecotourism products, providing a chance to learn about the environment with an operator who’s committed to achieving best practice when utilizing resources wisely, contributing to the conservation of the environment and helping local neighborhoods.

There is a ground-breaking $3.3 million PV installation has reduced the hotel’s energy consumption by 40-80 percent. The solar installation provides the greatest overall economical and reduce the hotel’s annual carbon footprint by 420 tonnes of CO2. The system generates over 530,000 kWh each year, which is enough to power an additional 60 family homes.


Both the Arrente Discovery Tour and 1 Day Larapinta Experience are operated by Aboriginal Guides from the Arrente Community and Alice Springs. As quoted from one of the guides “Its time Aboriginal people determine who advantages of their culture. The future is in our hands, our destiny is how we decide to take it” With these experiences, you are supporting income immediately towards local indigenous communities – this directly provides economic benefits in addition to social benefits through supporting local neighborhoods, education of the local culture assists in keeping the culture alive.

Day-by-day itinerary

Day 1:    Arrive into Alice Springs and check in hotel

Day 2:    Experience each day of tradition & culture once we explore the ancient homelands of the Arrernte people. Walk with this Aboriginal Guides as we follow the song lines, discover bush foods and join in the intricate craft of central Australian dot painting. Today become familiar with about Aboriginal history and culture. Part of this is learning about the Aboriginal Dreamtime (the Dreamtime are Aboriginal stories and legends of methods their land was created). Observe Aboriginal art and craft being created – painting, basket weaving, wood carving or burning and jewellery. Additionally, you will visit historic Aboriginal sites with a local Aboriginal tour guide.

Day 3:    Art lovers with some hours to spare is going to be thrilled to learn they are in possession of a quick and comfortable travel option to the remote Aboriginal art workshops of the Ltyentye Apurte Community at Santa Teresa (approximately 80 klms south-east of Alice Springs). Fly straight to the community, situated on the fringe of the Simpson Desert, in your own private helicopter, landing only a short walk from the Keringke Arts Centre where they are able to meet with the artists discovering their own style of desert art and purchasing works when they wish from the local gallery.

Day 4:    Today, you have the Larapinta Trail with a difference. By having an aboriginal guide, walk from the Old Telegraph Station to Wallaby gorge, following landscapes of the Creation time and experience cultural interaction in addition to experiencing a section of the Larapinta Trail.

Day 5:    Depart Alice Springs.

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