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Australian Beach Culture and Nature

Australian Beach culture

Australian beaches are known for their “Australianness” with a culture which comprises surfers, surf lifesavers, sunbaking, and beach fashion. There is a strong indication that the practice of beach romance is primarily responsible for the fusion of nature with the culture along the beach side in Australia.

Australian Beach

Drinking Beer while on the beach is the most popular cultural practice in Australia and they have enormous variety and tastes of world’s best quality beer.

Sunbathing alongside the beaches is a wide spread practice followed by Australians since most of their homes are connecting to beaches. But due to the direct exposure of sun’s rays for longer durations the cases of skin cancer have risen considerably and since then Australians have retorted to other activities like surf, swim, dive, paddle a boat, jet boat or para-sail behind speedboats. It’s also popular to experience a game of cricket or beach-volleyball, or simply sit back within the shade by having a rest and have a picnic and some beers. Australian culture is about having fun – Australians live in a lucky country, plus they know it.

The Australian Beaches have got a historical reputation of ship wreck and disasters alongside the fun & delight they offer to people sailing around them. It’s never safe to sail inside the Australian waters. History is filled with business trips and ship wrecks of the aboriginal people from China, Portugal, Spain and Holland.

Weekend visit to Australian beaches is a very popular exercise. Australians live and eat the sea, and also the beach complements the home creating a long backyard to play. Except for some places that may get some winter months, most of Australia is sunny throughout every season. This provides a great alternative of relaxation throughout the year, but you also have to know that due to the thinning from the Ozone layer above some areas, there’s a greater danger of harmful rays in the sun. if you go to the beach, take hats and sun screen lotion. DON’T EXPOSURE YOURSELF For too much time UNDER THE SUN.

Other important matters concern the Tides and Currents most Australian beaches have. Sometimes the ocean can present itself as calm as you desire, but rips underneath could be strong and unexpected. So, if you’re not very knowledgeable about the ocean, you’d better swim only in patrolled waters between your flags placed by lifesavers around the sand. Incidentally, it is prohibited to market anything around the beach with no council permit, and wherever dogs are permitted, they must be on the chain.

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