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Posted by on Aug 19, 2013 in Australian | 1 comment

Flavour of Traditional Australian Food for Tourists

Flavour of Traditional Australian Food for Tourists

Australian Taste is a collaborative work that captures traditional Australian food.

Australia is becoming famous in the culinary world because of its ‘fusion’ food: since the 1970s Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese Japanese and Indian immigrants particularly have had a big impact on Australian cuisine. In addition to Asian, you will also be able to find Spanish, Balkan, Hungarian, Turkish and Lebanese restaurants.

Traditional Australian Foods

Just about any food can be found in Australia, but there are several traditional foods that visitors need to look for, especially if they are visiting the very first time. One of these is damper. Damper is a bread that’s made without yeast. Explorers within the outback used to cook it on the fire and eat it every day. Now it is often cooked within an oven. Lamingtons are a sweet food. It’s a piece of sponge cake that’s rolled in coconut and topped with whipped cream. Lamingtons are often served with tea within the afternoon, and were invented as a means of using stale sponge cake, even though the sponge cake is not stale when it’s made now.

Think of Australian food and many people imagine barbeques and Vegemite. Another traditional Aussie fare is shown below.

Meat Pies

Nearly every convenience store, bakery and food stand carries meat pies. Meat pies offer a similar experience, in a way, to the American “pot pies”, but they are much more filling. Meat pies will always be served hot, and always have real meat inside them. Traditional meat pies have steak or kidney for that meat. Some have mincemeat, yet others have onion and mashed potatoes within the filing. The pastry shell is incredibly light, and a nice gravy can also be encased in the shell.

Meat Pies

Meat Pies

Chicko Rolls (inspired by Chinese spring rolls)

They were invented as a hot snack that may be eaten with one hand, leaving another free for a beer.


Based on some, this mix of meat (steak or pork) plus seafood served with salad is creating a bit of a comeback.


the traditional Australian toast spread. This concentrated yeast extract is really a rich source of vitamin B. The feel is similar to peanut butter and it is dark brown/black to look at. Its strong, distinctive taste puts off many tourists, but Australians embrace it as being their own. It can also be used to enhance flavours in soups, casseroles along with other savoury dishes.

Australian Savoury Dishes

The standard meat pie is the ultimate Australian savoury food. Traditionalists enjoy minced beef pies with tomato sauce, but a wide range of gourmet pies have evolved with fillings as diverse as pork and apple, minted lamb and potato, sweet chilli chicken, kangaroo and crocodile. Meat pie floaters will also be enjoyed by some, particularly in South Australia, having a traditional-style pie topped with tomato sauce floating inside a bowl of thick pea soup.

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  1. This was the highlight of my 3 week cruise. Fascinating. Educational. Memorable. All of the rescued animals were most fascinating & the docent was most useful in educating us about the unusual animals. They can GAVE us food to give the kangaroos. It was possible to pet a kaola & possess a free picture taken. There’s a collection box–I wish I had contributed more for this endeavor.

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