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Indigenous Australian Culture – Living Vastly Different Lifestyles

Indigenous Australian Culture – Living Vastly Different Lifestyles

The Indigenous Australian culture is among the oldest and most fascinating on the world.

Australian Indigenous culture is one of the most diverse, oldest and interesting on Earth. There are more than 365 language groups around australia and more than 60 in Wa alone. Language groups all share a typical tradition ancient to the land and obey the mythical laws from the Dreaming, through dance, storytelling, art and song.This philosophy means they are inseparable from their culture and land.

As the impact of European settlers around the indigenous population of Australia was, typically, catastrophic, there are remaining arts and festivals celebrating Aboriginal life and culture. European settlers brought together many food and lifestyle traditions, and also the Australia of today is a mixture of these influences, as well as current American influences. Australian holidays often reflect this mixture.

Dating back thousands of years before European settlement, Aboriginal people roamed the Australian landscape, residing in harmony in a nomadic partnership with nature.

Indigenous Australian Culture

Indigenous Australian Culture

The Australian Aboriginal human population is a diverse group of people, living vastly different lifestyles in every corner of the country. There are as much as 700 traditional societies and countless different languages, customs and laws; each woven together to inform a story that is more than 40,000 years of age.

These diverse societies are however united within their unique bond with the traditional on the ancient mythical laws from the “Dreaming”; and whilst only 1% of the Australian population today is Aboriginal, indigenous communities dotted through central and northern Australia maintain their rich culture, with lots of continuing to practice their traditional customs and lifestyle. Elsewhere across the nation, their culture may be observed in numerous museums, galleries and cultural centres. “Dreamtime” legends told through dance, art and story telling convey the tales from the creative activities of ancestor figures and the essence of their culture alive.

Pay attention to the tales of the Dreamtime unfold towards the rhythm of the didgeridoo as you watch a conventional aboriginal corroboree – around the campfire in an outback cattle station, in an electrifying performance in the Tjapukai Cultural Centre or at the unique rainforest wedding ceremony!

Make your own Aboriginal inspired personal souvenir underneath the guidance of local artists at one of several aboriginal art and cultural workshops provided by specialist accommodation places and cultural centres.

Enable your body, mind and soul go “walkabout” while you enjoy a unique and pampering spa treatment according to Aboriginal ingredients and enchanting rituals, soothed through the sounds of a rainforest stream. Or find out about your ‘spiritual guides’ on life’s journey having a Spirit Reading in the outback.

Uncover the sacred dimensions of the find a guided walk within the Daintree or at the base of the iconic Uluru. Your indigenous guides will unveil the supermarkets, medicine chests, tool sheds and churches hidden among the ancient vines of the rainforest and also the barren landscapes of the red centre. Most of the national parks, including Kakadu and Uluru (Ayers Rock), are owned and jointly operated by their traditional owners with possibilities to join indigenous guides on interpretative tours which unlock the mysteries of those breathtaking landscapes and give intending to their otherwise intangible beauty.

If you are searching for a more complete indigenous experience there are several very special opportunities for people to immerse themselves in the aboriginal culture:

Join Safari Tour

Enroll in a personalised safari tour with the remote wilderness of Arnhem Land, a place rich in aboriginal history – where communities still practice traditional lifestyles and rock art hangs in spectacular natural galleries. Point about this area is as yet unexplored, promising undiscovered treasures. It’s impossible not to be humbled with a visit to this breathtaking landscape as well as an introduction to its people.

Authentic Indigenous Experience

The best authentic indigenous experience, stay like a guest within a remote aboriginal community. Watch the sun’s rays rise over the Simpson Desert in the veranda of your deluxe safari tent. Spend your days using the traditional land owners to have an unparalleled insight into their culture and learn their fascinating survival approaches to these harsh outback conditions. Have a unique taste sensation of western style meals infused with local bush tucker combined with stories of the community elders told around a campfire, before sinking right into a hot relaxing bath gazing up in the clear night sky.

Wherever in Australia your travels might take you, there are opportunities to learn about the captivating culture from the aborigines. From ancient rock art to intricately patterned dot paintings, exhilarating dance performances to quiet nights shared around a campfire. Within the Art Galleries of Sydney and also the remote wilderness of Arnhem Land, in the middle of the Red Centre as well as in the lush green rainforests from the Daintree, the mysteries of the Dreamtime unfold.

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