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Learn About Australian Culture Traditions and Customs

Learn About Australian Culture Traditions and Customs


Australian culture represents a combination of all the customs and traditions of the cultures across worldwide who had resided here. These were European and aboriginal culture legacy which had greatly inhibited the Australian culture and at present the current Australian culture represents that fusion only.

Learn About Australian Culture Traditions and Customs

Lifestyle & Culture of Australians

European settlers brought together many food and lifestyle traditions, and also the Australia nowadays is a mixture of these influences, in addition to current American influences. Australian holidays often are affected by this fusion.

With many Australians living within 50 kilometers of the coast, they have a relaxed social lifestyle. An average weekend can include a swim or surf within the ocean, participation or attendance in a sporting match, a barbecue with friends and getting together with family.

Australians often embrace their environment proudly, native or otherwise.

Classical music and opera are extremely popular. Australia’s popular music traditions are heavily relying on American rock. Bands like AC/DC, Men-at-Work and INXS have experienced international success.

The Film industry has expanded recently, with films for example “The Matrix” and “Star Wars” filmed in Melbourne and Sydney.

Australians are extremely relaxed and laid-back to the stage that they are unlikely to insult anyone through any type of cultural ignorance. It’s quite common to make use of first names in almost all situations and several make use of nicknames. Dress attire can also be fairly informal especially on and round the beaches, it is important to dress a bit more formally for chapels.

Australians are hardly ever arrogant plus they usually generally down-play their successes so any bragging or arrogant behavior is usually not received well. Most Australians are just too pleased to help people to their country.

Check all the rule and regulations about the areas before you venture to those areas. Some areas require permission or a permit while others will allow you to travel frequently without any orders.

Aboriginals are the “Original Australian people” residing there. They maintained their extensive cave drawings and music, which remain an essential aspect in the population of Australia. A wooden instrument known as the Didgeridoo is the most famous musical piece.

Australia Day celebrates the very first landing of the ship filled with convicts around the continent not quite a feel-good lesson of Thanksgiving for the children. It is also the day that doesn’t acknowledge the Aboriginal traditions of Australia.

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